Every relationship goes through various faces during its courtship. Once the initial euphoria is over, guys tend to take their girls for granted or as if the girls belong to them now. And they start thinking as if they don’t need to make efforts anymore. And if the same is happening with you, then surely it’s a matter of concern. You need to sit and think about How to Make Him Love You More!

It’s not their fault only, you need to make certain efforts to make them always love you more.

1. Give Attention to Your Looks

Never lose your charm. Always try to be the way you are. Your one smile can make him do anything for you (if you don’t believe me, try smiling when you find yourself in an inescapable heated situation with him and see if that works to brings things down a little bit). So keep giving your flirtatious smile always. It can work wonders.

2. Give Him Surprises

Surprise him, prepare anything that he can’t imagine or expects by you like if you are not a creative person make a scrapbook or you can try making his favorite dish. Always cherish his small but sincere efforts. Always look deep into his eyes while confessing love to him. This can never go wrong, try this one!

3. Keep His Male Ego Intact

If you want him to love you more then never ever ignore him in front of your friends. Male ego never tries to mess with it. Show him how much you care for him like give him surprise hugs, kisses, and compliments which you would not do normally. You know these small tips work just fine and of course, you can add a little spice to them.

4. Gel with His Gang Members

If you want to know How to Make Him Love You More, then follow this important tips.Guys fall for those girls more whom he can take out with his friends. Just make sure you mingle and don’t flirt with any other guy. Try to befriend with his friends but with extra care, it may go wrong with any of the misunderstandings!

5. Give him space

Don’t always linger on him unnecessarily. Some guys might like it at first but not for a long time. Try to say him NO once in a while. Never make him assume that you are always available to him. Make him crave for you. The more he craves for you, the more his heart loves you.

6. Don’t Hurt Him

Girls make a note, to not to insult him or humiliate him in front of his friends. By doing so you may hurt his feelings and he may start disliking you.

7. Be Active in your Relationship

Do some activities that you both enjoy like paintball, golf or maybe swimming. Preparing a meal with him also can enhance your relationship. Stand out from the crowd. Do small things to get his attention. Experiment with your looks too. Make him feel that he is important to you. His things, interests or hobby…make everything a part of your life. When a guy realizes that he means everything to you, his feelings for you multiply exponentially.

8. Never Lose on Attention

Basically, all men are the same. They want attention. Their day-to-day demands are the same. You just need to pay some attention towards them and they will be yours forever. Remember that you matter in the relationship as much as he does, so do not deny who you are and your needs.

Sometimes we think that by changing our self and adapting all his likes and dislikes we can win him over. But it doesn’t work like that, he loves you the way you are. Henceforth, you don’t need to change yourself but you need to keep in mind what works for you two as a Couple!